Share: Maria Perez, Father In Production on ‘Restart’ Movie

By | September 3, 2015

Former CBS co-worker Maria Perez is going on a RV road trip adventure with her father, creating a podcast and documentary film along the way. From her promotional site:

Experience… For a retiree and a millennial, it’s a loaded word. After over 50 years of hard labor and starting his life over multiple times and in different countries, for a male immigrant, experience is sacrifice and tiring. For a 20-something, American millennial who has been lucky enough to have had it easy so far, with a bright future ahead of her, experience is planned.

A father and daughter both frustrated by their current situations and looking for inspiration, decide to drop everything to set off across the US for a month. Through this journey they’ll learn about each other and how the people, places and things they encounter are also looking to restart.


Perezent Media: