Share: Tribune Turns To AI Lead As Online Video Editor?

By | June 10, 2016

So the formerly-named Tribune Publishing (now called tronc) aims to publish 2,000 videos a day created through artificial intelligence. (Update 6/20/2016)

“There’s all these really new, fun features we’re going to be able to do with artificial intelligence and content to make videos faster,” (tronc chairman Michael Ferro) told interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin. “Right now, we’re doing a couple hundred videos a day; we think we should be doing 2,000 videos a day.”

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, for comparison, reportedly makes around 65 to 75 videos per week.


Announcement videos:

Quote in clip #2, from Anne Vasquez, chief digital officer: “Right now we’re averaging about 16 percent of our article have the type of videoplayer that we can monetize. By 2017, we need to get to 50 percent of our article pages have a Brightcover videoplayer attached to it.”

Mixed reviews:

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