Share: Blackmore’s The Power of the Meme Meme

By | June 28, 1997

From Skeptic June 1997, Vol 5, #2, 43-49, archived on

Why not? The basic idea is very simple. If Dawkins is right then everything you have learned by imitation from someone else is a meme. This includes all the words in your vocabulary, the stories you know, the skills and habits you have picked up from others and the games you like to play. It includes the songs you sing and the rules you obey. So, for example, whenever you drive on the right (and I on the left!), eat a hamburger or a pizza, whistle “Happy Birthday to You” or “Mama I love you” or even shake hands, you are dealing in memes. Memetics is all about why some memes spread and others do not.

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