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Recognizing Audiences & Needs

By Matthew Stanton, Metromemetics LLC (first posted 11/14/2004) A three-tiered way to look at commercial mass media websites. Audience Tier One: USERS The people in this tier generally act like consumers: they want to most value and satisfaction they can get for the least amount of cost. They want to find information, save money, save… Read More »

Share: ONA Teams Take a Stab at Attracting Young Audiences

By Jeff Nachtigal — University of California-Berkeley (Nov. 13, 2004) Five teams presented ideas on how to best attract the youth audience during the ONA’s inaugural Master of the Web Universe competition. In the final round, judges asked pointed questions about revenue sources and sex columns before picking a theoretical, longer-term approach that focused on… Read More »

Targeting Audiences, Targeting Priorities

A Four-Part Checklist for Creating Successful Web Designs By Matthew Stanton, Metromemetics LLC (first posted 10/12/2002; revised 09/28/2003) Designers tend to label their target audiences by each mediums’ method of delivery. Newspapers and magazines have readers, radio has listeners, television has viewers – all passive activities. The World Wide Web differs in that its audience… Read More »