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Share: Millennial Consumer Study Finds Blogs Dominate Influence; Legacy Media Dead

From the report’s summary: “Elite Daily, the voice of Generation Y, and Millennial Branding, a Generation Y research and consulting firm, today announced the results of a new study entitled, ‘The Millennial Consumer’. Unlike prior generations, millennials rely mostly on blogs (33% selected them as their top media source) before they make a purchase. Fewer… Read More »

Excerpt: David Brooks’ When Cultures Shift

From an opinion piece by New York Times columnist David Brooks, something that plays into the generational marketing gap between Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. Then along came humanistic psychology, led by people like Carl Rogers, who was the most influential psychologist of the 20th century. Rogers followed the same basic line. Human nature is… Read More »

Steve Yelvington Reax To ONA

From former Star Tribune Online chief Steve Yelvington’s blog, following the Online News Association conference workshop (see http://metromemetics.net/share-ona-teams-take-a-stab-at-attracting-young-audiences/ for context): At the ONA conference over the weekend we did a little exercise: Brainstorm a site that will appeal to younger readers (college age and early 20s). The results were predictably focused on entertainment, and afterward… Read More »

The Average American

By Matthew Stanton, Metromemetics (first posted 01/14/2001; revised 01/20/2003) Although no one person will fit the following description exactly, the following character guidelines are helpful for creating a realistic “Everyman” which might be found in somewhere in America around the turn of the millennium. Marketing professionals spend thousands of hours and billions of dollars a… Read More »

Excerpt: Defining Moments by Generation

From Rocking the Ages by J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman (1998, HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN 0887309003;Amazon | B&N.com) The following table is based on the thesis that each generation’s values were determined by the events, influences and attitudes of that generation’s formative years – teen-age years to early adulthood.   MATURES BOOMERS X’ERS Defining Idea Duty Individuality… Read More »